The Lowdown: I’m Mortal

Justin Timberlake isn’t done with film. First a social drama. Then a social network drama. Now? A sci-fi epic with real potential.

We know what you’re thinking. A sci-fi epic with Justin Timberlake? Well, allow us to refresh your memory: the suave music icon scored big with critics for his performance in Alpha Dog, not to mention his recent appearance in The Social Network as Napster co-founder Sean Parker.

He’s now appearing in I’m Mortal, a sci-fi flick featuring Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki, Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried and Cillian Murphy. A cast of young actors means a plot that’s going to have to prove itself in terms of maturity – too often we see older actors and the roles they play as the “donor” characters – those wise, helpful people who make the plot tick along at a decent pace, and throw the hero(ine) a couple of gadgets now and again.

However, this time, the main gadget is slightly more biological in nature. In the future, ageing has been completely eradicated. Of course, with people still being able to procreate, this means that overpopulation is now a serious threat to the continued well-being of both the planet and its population.

So, if you’ve got a ton of cash, and feasibly a lot of time to pay off that mortgage of yours, then what is valuable? Apparently, the denizen’s of Earth in I’m Mortal trade time. Time given, time donated simply because life is no longer the rush-before-death it once was.

It’s an incredible-sounding plot, and with Andrew Niccol (writer of The Truman Show, The Terminal and Lord of War) at the helm as writer and director, it’s set to be a really impressive take on the psychological and cultural effects of immortality on human beings. Everyone’s often wondered about immortality, and the ups and downs of it – though we’d imagine Timberlake might have trouble coming up with ideas for his 454th album.

Horror producer Eric Newman (Dawn of the Dead, Slither and The Last Exorcism) is also on board. With a crew like this, it’s beginning to look like the next Inception, which proved to the critics that big-budget sci-fi flicks can hold their own.

The main hook will be Timberlake’s fleshing out of his character along with Wilde, Seyfried and Murphy – though it seems Murphy’s already billed as “Timekeeper Raymond Leon”, so given his talent for villains (appearing as Scarecrow in Batman Begins, for example) he may be another ticket to success.

Well, that’s all we have so far, but it remains to be seen if the cast will remain the same (given it’s still very much in pre-production) before shooting starts. Hopefully we’ll be able to look at I’m Mortal with the same respect as Inception. Fingers crossed, and of course, try not to think about immortality too much – makes the train home seem that bit too long!
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