New Sherlock 2 poster released

The master of mysteries is back. Sherlock Holmes and his trusty assistant Doctor Watson, take on a new batch of baddies, but not without a good action scene. How about an exploding train?

A brand new poster has been released for the upcoming murder-mystery sequel, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, where we can see a steam train go up in flames; it’s guaranteed to be a great scene already.

The clips from the dramatic and thrilling trailer show the adventures of Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and Doctor Watson (Jude Law) as they travel from one continent to another, solving the mystery and escaping death, until they finally come face-to-face with their nemesis, Professor Moriarty, who has been anticipating their arrival.

Starring alongside the crime fighting duo, is Jared Harris (Mad Men, Dr Deeds) as Moriarty, Stephen Fry as Holmes’ older brother Mycroft, and Noomie Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) as Sim, the mysterious fortune-teller.

Fry, who announced his role on Radio 5 Live said that was excited to ‘play a genuine all round sort of lead figure with complexity and tragedy and wit and all the sort of things that Oscar [Wilde] had was a once in a lifetime thrill’.

The film, directed by Guy Richie, pulls into your nearest cinema on Friday 16th December.

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