Taylor Lautner finds leading role in Incarceron

Good old Tay Tay, making girls swoon and men wonder where their dumbells are since New Moon hit cinemas, has found a leading role in the form of YA novel adaptation Incarceron.

He’s an extremely popular fellow, and it’s not just because of his rippling torso – it’s also because he’s actually a very good actor. If you can play a Native American and a werewolf whilst exuding sexual frustration at the same time, it’s a pretty impressive talent to have on your CV.

Evidently, people have picked up on his appeal to teeny-boppers and adults who love YA but don’t talk about it, as Fox 2000 prepare to adapt the Catherine Fisher novel for the silver screen.

Lautner will play Finn, a boy who has grown up in Incarceron, a prison society that’s really rather quite dark and gloomy. Then, through finding a key at the exact same time as the warden’s daughter – who lives in a fictional 17th-century world, constructed by her father – he begins to devise an escape plan with the help of his new, trapped friend.

It sounds like a genuinely interesting concept, and definitely a worthy read if you can appreciate YA novels – if you can’t, then why’d you go see Harry Potter and Twilight, eh?! We’ll keep you posted on this one, and try not to argue too much at the TFR Towers over Team Edward vs. Team Jacob (Jacob, obviously, right?).

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