Valley Girl Remake in the works, Clay Weiner to direct

The 1983 romantic comedy film, Valley Girl, is set for a musical remake, directed by Clay Weiner.

Valley Girl Clay Weiner remake musical nicolas cage

Valley Girl is perhaps best known for launching the career of Nicolas Cage, and was the first film in which he was credited with the last name ‘Cage’, rather than Coppola. The original saw Cage star as Hollywood punk who falls for a clean-cut valley girl, played by Deborah Foreman. However, her shallow friends and preppy boyfriend try to keep her away from the charismatic bad-boy.

Featuring slumber parties, big hair and a high school prom, it was only a matter of time before this film was up for a remake – especially with the recent popularity of ’80s-themed musical films such as Footloose and Rock of Ages. However, rather than throwing in a few songs for a spell on the stage, Valley Girl will be bypassing Broadway and heading straight a musical adaptation on the big screen.

The end credits of the original film list hits from the likes of The Clash, Culture Club, Bananarama, and The Jam, despite the fact that these songs never actually featured in the film, due to post-production problems in acquiring the rights. Instead, the soundtrack actually featured a number of ‘new wave’ tunes from bands such as The Go Gos and The Cars – some of which are expected to feature in the upcoming musical adaptation. However, with the songs playing such a prominent role this time around, we could well see a number of classic 1980s anthems included too.

There’s no word yet on who’ll be starring in this musical extravaganza, but Clay Weiner has recently been confirmed to direct. Despite the fact that Weiner’s only directorial credit was box office flop Fred: the Movie (based on YouTube sensation Fred Figglehorn, and starring British pop princess Pixie Lott), it seems that he has managed to wow MGM executives with his passion for the project. Weiner reportedly used personal funds to put together a three-minute demo reel explaining his vision for the design, costuming, choreography and spirit of the product – which is said to have won him the job over other more experience directors.

We hope that Valley Girl is kept as wonderfully trashy and retro as it was in the trailer for the original film – take a look below!

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