Vin Diesel Facebooks a Riddick set photo

Two films in, the Riddick flicks have had an up-and-down reception. Made by and starring super-geek Vin Diesel, they’re also back in the works.

A shot of Vin Diesel on the set of the new Riddick film.In 2012, do you issue a press release or send assets to the press? Hell no, not if you’re Vin Diesel! Vin chose, instead, to post the first on-set photograph of the latest Riddick film to his Facebook account, something of a new approach to publicising film.

As you can see, it’s him in his full Riddick regalia, goggles firmly in place and seemingly adorned with the vestments of a king – a role he took on at the end of The Chronicles Of Riddick, after defeating the leader of the bad-guy faction.

It all sounds a tad mental, but thus far fans seem to enjoy the series, albeit with the frequent admission that the cult favourite Pitch Black was leaps and bounds ahead of its sequel in terms of quality. Hopefully the third film can restore Diesel and company to the throne. More on this as it comes.

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