Wahlberg wants Bieber to play with balls in new film

Bielibers listen up! Oh and Marky Mark fans too! Mark Wahlberg is planning on making a film just so the teen star can be in it. Yes, it does sound a little crazy, but it’s apparently true.

Rumour has it that Wahlberg, who has gone from joke rapper to movie man, saw Bieber play in an all-star NBA game in February and was so impressed with his ball skills that he’s desperate for him to be in a basketball film. Hang on, is there anything this pint-size popster can’t do?

Writer Ian Edelman, who writes the American TV series How To Make It In America, has already been told to get writing the script, which Wahlberg wants to channel The Colour of Money and The Karate Kid.

Hmm ok and Wahlberg is also set to star in the film, we’re hoping he’ll be the Mr Miyagi to Bieber‘s Daniel-san. Stephen Levinson who has worked with Walhberg on a lot on things, including Entourage, will be producing with Scooter Braun who is Bieb’s manager, you know the one, the man who was arrested for not sending out a tweet announcing a cancellation of an appearance by the Biebs.

The same studio, Paramount, who brought us Never Say Never are backing this film, but as yet no director has been announced. We’re thinking Aronofsky should jump on board and take Bieber on a drug fuelled ride into the twisted heart of his psyche..

Anyway, you may remember that JB now considers himself an actor after his guest appearance on CSI. Let’s just say Bieber fan or not, we are in for a treat with this one.

If that’s not enough Bieber for one day, take a look at our A-Z of the young man.

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