War Games remake to be headed by King of Kong director

If you recall the documentary about the challenge on the Donkey Kong world record, King of Kong, you’ll know that director Seth Gordon has what it takes to create geek cinema. Now, War Games is his new project.

War Games tells the story of two computer whiz-kids who manage to wangle their way into military computers, and assume the various buttons they’re pushing are just simulated computer processes. However, this is far from the truth – what they’re actually doing is priming various nuclear devices aimed directly at Russia. Little more serious than Lulzsec, right?

The original featured Matthew Broderick (the loveable rogue from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) and Ally Sheedy (the shy Allison Reynolds in The Breakfast Club), and there’s no news yet on who’ll be replacing the two iconic actors, but I’d say Shia LeBeouf is a shoe-in for the Broderick role.

Seth Gordon’s also been busy outside of King of Kong – he also had a director’s chair on the set of Horrible Bosses, as well as one of the Freakonomics (which we loved and reviewed, here) and even episodes of The Office and Breaking In.

It’s definitely a great concept for a film, but it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll tweak the story, given that the Red Scare is no longer so scary and Hollywood’s sights are set more towards the Middle East. More on this as it develops.

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