Warm Bodies “R” look revealed

A while back, we had a go at making our own “R” look. Seems like the production team working on Warm Bodies has gone for something a little more tame.

Looks like he's coming home from a Cure gig, if anything.

I know “R” isn’t hugely decomposed, but as someone who’s read the book cover to cover and enjoyed the hell out of it, it seems mighty odd that they’d make him look so… low-budget? A bit of dark make-up, pale foundation and some black/grey lipstick isn’t really what you’d qualify as dead, but who knows – I’m not a mortician.

Regardless, it’s nice to see him in full costume, and the film seems to be on track for release on the 24th of August. In the meantime though, enjoy the still, and let us know what your thoughts are on how R looks. For reference, here’s our mock-up.

Better? Worse? Probably not as appealing for the other lead, I reckon.

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