Warner Bros. App Editions of Deathly Hallows and Due Date now available

You may remember that we recently mentioned App Editions being produced by Warner Bros. This unique take on purchasing films has now got two new titles for its library: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One, and Due Date.

From a geeky perspective, these App Editions are seriously cool. They have all the functionality of a collector’s edition DVD with the accessibility of an App. Given that this was previously impossible without resorting to piracy (don’t do it, kids), it’s a huge boon for film fans with Apple hardware.

Running on the iPad, iPad 2, iPhone and iPod Touch, the App Editions offer the first five minutes of the film and the ability to purchase the whole thing from within the App itself. There’s a shed load of bonus content, including full customisability to your local language, so it’s a huge bonus if you’re living in a country where the iTunes don’t offer film (China and the Netherlands) or you’ve got the kit but not the access to a desktop iTunes suite, and that’s before all the language-switching tech kicks in.

“We’re pleased to expand our offering of App Editions with these two popular films,” said President of Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, Thomas Gewecke. “We saw strong interest with the launch of The Dark Knight and Inception App Editions. In the coming months we expect to launch additional titles, including action and comedy films.”

It also does subtitles, which for those of you endlessly frustrated by the lack of them on iTunes films and TV programmes, this is a huge blessing. I love using them, I’ll admit – helps me keep track whilst chewing through snacks at deafening volume. This suggests they’re going to keep expanding the range.

Are you happy, geeky friends? I’ll tell you one thing, this isn’t doing my iPad craving any favours… more news from us as new releases pop up!

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