You have to watch this trailer for Your Highness

OK, so this is hands down the best trailer we have seen this year. The latest trailer for Your Highness has reached the internet today and it is amazing.

Amazing and funny and pretty darn crude, but something tells us this is what will make it a highly popular comedy. That and the great and unexpected cast of James Franco, Danny McBride, Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel.

The fantasy movie, set in medieval times comes from David Gordon Green, the man behind Pineapple Express. It tells the story of Thadeous (McBride) who is a very lazy and arrogant prince, who must join his brother Fabious (Franco) on an epic quest to save their father’s kingdom.

Portman plays a warrior princess in the movie and as you can see from the trailer, this isn’t like her normal roles, particularly when she strips to a metal thong. Deschanel plays Belladona, the virginal bride and Fabious’s love interest.

It’s a slightly mad story and you wouldn’t be crazy to think the clip is a spoof and not actually for a full length film, but it is and from what we’ve seen it gets the laughs, so we’re excited to see it all.

Unfortunately it’s not out in the UK until June 24th of next year, but in the mean time you can watch this trailer for a chuckle.

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