Titanic floats to the top of the box office charts taking in $2bn

Titanic has become a hit rather than a sinker after taking in a combined total of $2bn (around £1.2bn) from its original and its 3D re-release.

Titanic has now made more than $2 billion in the worldwide box office charts, making it the second film in history to reach break the two billion barrier.

The epic romance, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, was the first film in history to gross more than $1 billion. For a staggering 12 years, Titanic remained the highest grossing film of all time until it was overtaken by James Cameron‘s fantasy sci-fi, Avatar.

In 2009, Avatar became the first film to hit the $2 billion mark after it took $2.8bn at the box office. However, after Titanic ‘s 3D comeback, it too has exceeded this milestone figure. The 3D re-release cost $18 million to transform the film into 3D, and took over $190 million in cinemas.

Titanic, which was Winslet’s big break, proved particularly popular in China where the film set a new record for the biggest opening of all time.

While most people enjoyed reliving the film, a number of cinemagoers were left feeling disappointed after Chinese censors decided to tamper with one scene in particular.

The cut occurred at the famous moment where Winslet strips off so her lover, Jack, can sketch her. In the new version only her head and shoulders are visible on screen. It’s thought that it was changed in order to stop viewers reaching out and ‘grabbing’ the Oscar award winner’s hologram breasts.

According to The Telegraph, an official at the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television feared that: ‘viewers may reach out their hands for a touch and thus interrupt other people’s viewing.’
He added: ‘To avoid potential conflicts between viewers and out of consideration of building a harmonious ethical social environment, we’ve decided to cut off the nudity scenes.’

One Chinese blogger in particular was not happy about the decision and wrote: ‘I waited 15 years to see 3D boobs, not a 3D iceberg.’

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