See which Downton Abbey character you are!

Ever wondered which Downton Abbey character is most like yourself? Well, you can find out in the quiz below. Created to celebrate the release of series four on DVD and Blu-Ray, so far our team has discovered they are Anna Bates and Lady Mary Crawley. Who are you?

Downton Abbey

Series four of the critically acclaimed British drama certainly filled headlines. And not all for the right reasons. Scandalous plots, critiques of the writing and overall jealousy of the show’s success aside though, there was plenty going on at Downton. Add series four to your collection just in time for Christmas.

Keeping up with the timeline can sometimes be a bother, so we’ll give you a brief overview:

Beginning in 1922, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) is still reeling from the loss of her beloved husband Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens). Add motherhood to proceedings, a line of new suitors who need turning away and a brand new role, courtesy of Matthew’s will, which entitles her to oversee the affairs of the estate, and she’s got quite a challenge ahead.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of displaced love and attempted courting going on downstairs, with a somewhat frustrating love quadrangle between Daisy, Ivy, Jimmy and Alfred. In all seriousness, is poor Daisy ever going to have any luck in love? Oh, and how can we not mention the storyline which caused such controversy with audiences and heartache, between Anna and John Bates?

We’ve got a brand new Christmas Special to look forward to next month, but until then surprise your fellow Downtonians with Downton Abbey Series 4 this Christmas.

No doubt you have your favourite characters, but which one would you be, if you happened to take up your place in 1920s English society? Click on the image below and try out the quiz for yourself:

Downton Abbey quiz

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