Wikileaks film to be written by Rowan Joffe

Those of you still curious about the whole Wikileaks thing should check this out – Brighton Rock director Rowan Joffe has picked up the writing gig for the film about the tell-all site.

If you remember, we reported on this not too long ago, as at that point the anti-Julian Assange sentiment was at its height, and he was being pursued as part of a rape investigation. Interestingly enough, that’s now petered out (despite any potential truth in the allegations, there’s no real way to know as yet), and Joffe will be bringing the experiences and the ongoing project of Assange to the silver screen.

It’s a story that a lot of people know, due to the leaks of countless thousands of U.S. government cables, and given that he’s a mysterious, iMac-in-a-backpack nomad (someone tell him about MacBooks, please), he’s definitely a topic of interest for anyone into exposition and politics.

Rejected by America, Australia (his former homeland) and constantly on the run in the immediate period after the leaks hit the headlines, he’s someone everyone seems to have put to one side for now, so the film will have to really engage people and expose a few more facts about the silver-haired stranger before it can reel people in.

Rowan seems like the person for the job; he’s already written Last Resort and Gas Attack (both winners of the Edinburgh International Film Festival’s Best New British Feature Award), as well as 28 Weeks Later. Given that the film has already drawn in Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy as producers, this could turn out really well. More on this as it comes.

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