Wild Bill hits cinemas in March

Wild Bill, the directorial debut of Dexter Fletcher, is almost in cinemas and this London-based film looks like something we’re likely to find dark and engaging.

Dunno about you, but I'd go to another pub if he walked in and stood there like that. Eek.Bill is, by most counts, not a very nice bloke. Just out of prison after almost a decade, he finds that his children – left when they were small children – are now eleven and fifteen, resentful of their absent father, and the younger one of the two is falling in with the wrong crowd. Unfortunately, the kid then manages to mess with the wrong gang, and said gang turn out to be just the people Bill didn’t want to see again. His choice? Protect his family and go back to prison, or stand by and watch his son be either killed or transformed into a next-generation Bill?

It looks like a dark, dark film, but one that will stand up extremely well. Not only is the cast impressive (two choice examples are Sex & Drugs & Rock and Roll‘s Andy Serkis and lead Charlie Creed-Miles of Harry Brown fame), but it’s yet more British cinema we can sink our teeth into, and after the rash of recent London-based cinema, this is just another bit of icing on the cake. Without further ado, here’s the trailer. Enjoy, and look forward to March!

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