You’d think that Trekkies might just be glad that J.J Abrams has put the floundering franchise back on the map, but the director says he’s braving himself for an onslaught of criticism for sci-fi purists.
“For them I say, ‘Don’t see the movie. You’ll just get angry. It is not Shatner playing Kirk, so I do apologize,” he told Australia’s AAP wire service. “Don’t waste your time.”
Still, there’s always a chance that the film’s new star Chris Pine learnt a few tricks from his predecessor, right? Nope. The actor said he actually went out of his way to avoid watching the star at work. “I know how I work and by watching a lot of Mr Shatner’s performances as Captain Kirk I knew by osmosis I would get on set and try and impersonate Mr Shatner,” he told AAP. “It was not my job. I didn’t want people to start paying attention to whether I was doing a perfect William Shatner.”
Maybe Star Trek purists really should give the film a miss then…

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