Wizard of Oz fever

This story could get a little confusing but it looks like there are to be no less than seven follow ups to The Wizard of Oz.

First up is Summertime Entertainment’s animated 3D musical Dorothy of Oz which is set to star Glee’s Lea Michelle. This will be here debut movie role and one that couldn’t really be more perfect for her. She will sing orignal songs written by Bryan Adams and his writing partner Jim Vallance. Sounds pretty good, no?

It is reported that Dan Aykroyd will play the scarecrow, Kesley Grammer will be the Tin Man and Jim Belushi will be the Cowardly Lion. We like the sound of this one, as huge Glee fans!

The second is reportedly from Disney. They are working on The Great and Powerful Oz which follows the journey of the wizard to the Emerald City. Robert Downey Jr has apparently been lined up to play the part of the Wizard for a long time and Sami Raimi has been offered the chance to direct.

Then we have Surrender Dorothy which will be directed by Drew Barrymore after proving her skill as a director on Whip It. Drew has reportedly had the script since 2002 and was originally set to play the great great granddaughter of Dorothy, although there is no word about whether this is still the plan.

And wait there’s more.. two CGI versions, one based on a comic book and one called The Witches of Oz.

I think that’s all for now. It seems the Lea Michelle version will hit cinema’s first, scheduled for a 2012 release.

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