World War Z being re-written, re-shot

Well, this could be somewhat awkward for everyone’s schedules – looks like the zombie history flick World War Z is being substantially re-written and re-shot.

World War Z - shot from the set.What worries me about this, really, is that the person they’ve brought on to do some of the re-writing is none other than Damon Lindelof, who was also partially responsible for the bizarre narrative-thread-abandoning mess that was Prometheus. But luckily, this isn’t a prequel to one of the most beloved films in history, just an adaptation of a novel. So what’s the issue with the film as it stands?

Apparently, the third act is the section of the story getting the most work done to it, which would be the part in which the world stops retreating from the endless march of the undead and starts to fight back.  Problem is, the film has already done its shooting, so this means going back to the sets and re-doing a large swathe of work, not only for the crew, but for the actors, who are most likely busy on other things at this point.

The release has shifted from December this year to June 2013, but I’m happy to wait to see if the extra months prove worth the awkward delay they’re now having to contend with.

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