Wuthering Heights follows Jane Eyre into the spotlight

The Bronte sisters are back. Well, they never really left but at the moment there seems to be a particular resurgence of their work. After the release of the Jane Eyre movie, Wuthering Heights enjoys a re-make and not only that, but there will be a play about the lives of the three sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne.

Andrea Ardold’s new film adaptation of Wuthering Heights was brought to the Venice Film Festival recently. Kaya Scodelario from the TV show Skins and the inexperienced actor James Howson play the tragic heroes of Emily Brontë’s novel, in a uniquely ‘artsy’ adaptation. With Cary Fukunaga’s Jane Eyre recently released as well, now more than ever the classic stories that many of us have grown up with are being critiqued yet again.

If these stories written by the famous sisters are not enough, Blake Morrison’s play We are Three Sisters gives a look at their writing sisters own lives. Started on September 9th, the same day as the release of Jane Eyre, the play seems to book-end the sudden flurry of activity that has surrounded the famous figures. It’s safe to say that Brontë fans will be in heaven for a while.

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