X-Men: Days Of Future Past confirmed

Bryan Singer has spoken to IGN and confirmed that a follow-up to the action-packed X-Men: First Class is in the works.

In his interview, the X-Men producer/director revealed that the new film will be called X-Men: Days Of Future Past. We can almost hear the plot unfolding as it is being written right now and is due to begin shooting in a few months.

Now, fans of the X-Men comic books will recognise Days Of Future Past as the title of a comic published back in 1981. This storyline featured an alternate future, where mutants are being hunted down by Sentinels – giant robots created for this purpose after a senator is assassinated. In an attempt to save the X-Men, Kitty Pryde travels back in time using her mind, in order to warn them.

According to Singer, the new film will indeed deal with aspects of this comic, but also some very new things. He compared the X-Men universe to that of Marvel, saying that it is every bit as big as the gargantuan world of the Avengers et all. He wants to broaden the X-Men world in a similar way, which is very exciting news. This could mean some more connections being made between films and a lot more exploration of the world.

At any rate, X-Men: Days Of Future Past is expected to be film with super-powered ambitions and should have fans eagerly awaiting the return of our favourite characters and their mutant powers.

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