Yoostar 2 allows fans to star in their favourite films

Ah, Xbox Kinect. Play football, help medical patients, and now, star in The Wizard of Oz. The sensor-bar accessory for the Xbox 360 really can do a lot of cool stuff.

Everyone’s got a favourite, and whether it’s Rocky, Mad Men or Grease, you can use Kinect to place yourself inside the scene, acting alongside A-list film stars, or even replacing them. We’ve all knocked someone’s acting from time to time, so I’d wager this is a chance to put up or shut up (unless, like myself, you admit you can’t act, but for that money, they should be able to).

The game features a considerable list of stuff to star in, and of course comes with a wide variety of achievements, so you can up your gamerscore and improve your acting, simultaneously improving your cred with the gaming and theatrical communities. Multi-tasking, right?

Each film comes in the form of one or more iconic scenes. Ever wanted to enact your favourite internet meme and scream “This! Is! Sparta!” whilst kicking someone backwards into a very, very deep pit? Go for it. Ever thought you could convince film studio execs that you should be starring in the Scarface Blu-Ray release? Be our guest. There’s a full list of films and scenes over on Wikipedia, so check ’em out.

It’s a nifty tool, fantastic for a night around the telly as a group or to get a bit of fan time in with the stars.

Game Developers and co-founders of Blitz Games Studios, Philip and Andrew Oliver, will be discussing the creation of Yoostar 2, a new ‘movie karaoke’ game for Kinect and PS3 at a BAFTA Q&A on Monday 04 April, at 18.30pm. Tickets are available to purchase via Ticketweb or through the BAFTA website. The event is priced at £5 (which includes a complimentary post-event drink) and is free to BAFTA members.

And… action!

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