Zombies and Philadelphia descend upon Scottish city

For the last couple of weeks, the Scottish city of Glasgow has been descended upon by hoards of the walking dead. No, this does not mean that the residents have been partying too much, it actually means zombies. Oh, and Brad Pitt has been there as well.

Scottish city welcomes Philadelphia and zombies

Major excitement was created in the city of Glasgow when it was announced that it had landed a starring role in the film adaptation of World War Z, a book by Max Brooks. The city was transformed into Philadelphia for the dramatic crash scenes that have been filmed here. While it has been a great boost for Glasgow, emphasizing its place on the map of high-profile film locations, the question on many people’s lips is why are the scenes being filmed here and not Philadelphia?

Basically, the reason is financial, with uncertainty over the availability of tax breaks for film makers in Philadelphia. So, the producers of the film were left with a choice of where looks most like the US city, and apparently that is Glasgow. The Scottish city is described as looking visually similar to the US one, making it an ideal replacement.

While natives of both the cities may not see the resemblance, the film producers have definitely made a good effort. With Philadelphia emergency service vehicles, road signs and even newspaper stands appearing around the place, the similarities can be seen.

Whether or not it is a successful replacement, the action scenes are sure to be exciting. And even if it wasn’t possible to film in Philadelphia, Glasgow has had a good injection of publicity and the residents got the chance to do some celebrity spotting.

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