Cleanskin – DVD Review

If you are looking for a sophisticated action-thriller which includes nudity, gun crime and terrorism then Cleanskin is your film. This British movie, written and directed by Hadi Hajaig, is one of the finest British films I have seen in a few years.

Sean Bean is hunting down a Cleanskin

Action packed with fast-paced storyline, this must-see British production delves into the cultural differences between Western and Eastern societies and the racial quarrels that have caused separation between communities in Britain.

The film earns your respect by covering topical social issues within British society today. Sean Bean (now best-known as the Game of Thrones star) plays Ewan, a wayward ex-soldier who is now a British secret service agent in control of pursuing and eliminating Muslim terrorist cells in London. The best in the business, Ewan is out seeking justice for his country and for the death of his wife who was killed in a terrorist incident.

The film also focusses on the life of a terrorist. We are given  insights into how a group of people can easily be influenced by one person’s beliefs and we see the lengths a radical will go to when they are truly devoted to a cause. Despite being a very much action-based movie, we become involved with all the characters and drawn into the controversial subject. Flashbacks show the mental and philosophical struggles of suicide bomber Ash (Abhin Galeya)  on his 6-year journey of becoming a terrorist.

Cleanskin has some particularly intense moments and some ingenious twists. The action kicks off immediately and doesn’t stop until the very end, but it is the emotion behind the story line and the recognisable way these are covered issues that marks it out.

Cleanskin might not be the best action film around, but it deserves some credit. Director Hadi Hajaig manages to present the motives and convictions of the terrorists in a very convincing manner which made the film all the more interesting. The way the brutal action is linked to everyday life makes the film more alarming, especially bearing in mind the terrorist attacks that have occurred over the past decade.

However there is always room for improvement and there are parts of the film that could have been better in my opinion. Sean Bean’s character Ewan was kept in the shadows without much room for development because the attention was so focused on the terrorist Ash, I would have liked to see more background on how he got into the secret service and what led him to his present state of mind. This detail would have allowed us to feel more of a connection with the character.

But overall Cleanskin is a good quality film I thoroughly enjoyed the intensity of the storyline and the detail that has gone into the production.

Directed by Hadi Hajaig, Cleanskin released on DVD 2nd July 2012

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