Gotta Catch Santa Claus DVD Review

If you are getting into the Christmas spirit, don’t ruin it by seeing this festive fiasco, Gotta Catch Santa Claus.

Given that it was directed by Jin Choi II (Lilo and Stitch) and Peter Lepeniotis (Toy Story 2), it is a big surprise this animation was such a let  down.

Produced by Cookie Jar Entertainment, (MetaJets) this animation film sees a young boy called Trevor trying to prove to his friend Veronica, that Santa Claus exists. Veronica – a sceptical science geek – only believes what she can see, so the idea of an overweight man being carried by a few ‘flying’ reindeer doesn’t amuse her. However, a song with an incessant repetitive chorus just about gets the message across.

With the help of his two friends, Errol and Gabriel, (Nathan Stephenson), Trevor plans to capture Santa and prove to Veronica and the rest of the world that Father Christmas exists.

Meanwhile, a corrupt icicle monster called Lefreeze (Cathal J. Dodd) is plotting his revenge against the podgy present giver, because he didn’t receive a gift one Christmas as a young icicle. So, with his snowmen sidekicks, this band of icy evil-doers travel on a huge Christmas pudding planet to kidnap Santa.

While Lefreeze and Trevor are planning to snatch Santa, the man himself (played by William Shatner) is planning to break his North Pole round-trip record. Perhaps he wants to get out of the house, as his stylish, rail thin wife (Kristina Nicoll) has got it into her head that he should take up a healthier diet?

Most of the songs spontaneously interrupt the dialogue and are not very catchy or memorable. The most entertaining number is sung by Lefreeze. The moody icicle monster suddenly decides to dance, wearing a top hat, swinging a cane and doing can-can kicks, all while singing a jazzy track.

For a children’s film, it doesn’t capture the imagination or keep you interested. The story line is predictable and the songs are forgettable. In addition, for children who are at the cusp of not believing in Santa Claus, Veronica pushes the idea of  Santa Claus being a myth, far too strongly. Veronica’s pointing out unrealistic statistics, which are supposed to be possible for Santa, might be the final piece of the puzzle for some children. And what a shame, just before Christmas.

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