Mr Nice Spy: Chuck Season 3 reviewed

Chuck Season 3 didn’t exactly start the way many people wanted it to; they wanted to start the season the same way Season 2 finished, writes Thomas Whitton for TRF, with lots of energy and with the main characters, Chuck and Sarah, together.

Chuck Bartowski and woman

The writers had other plans: they decided to slow things down a bit, possibly trying to wring a bit more from their main story lines. I feel that drawing this out and slowing things down just frustrated some loyal Chuck fans and lost a lot of the momentum from the Season 2 finale. The saving grace of the season’s opening episodes came from a surprising character, Captain Awesome. His foray into the world of spies and espionage was perhaps the best part of the beginning of the new season and perhaps the entire season.

The introduction of new love interests for both Chuck and Sarah furthered some fans frustration, but I for one really enjoyed their appearance, and only became annoyed after it started to drag on. Coming up to about two thirds into the season, Chuck just got down right amazing. If fans managed to make it through the mediocre-to-good start of the season, then they received an amazing prize for their perseverance. They were, hands-down, some of the most satisfying and amazing episodes of Chuck and in my opinion of any TV show.

It’s worth mentioning that Season 3 had two finales as the writers were unsure whether the show would get cancelled. And you have to give credit to the writers, they really know how to write one hell of a season finale… or in this case two. By the time we reach the first finale, we had begun to understand what the writers had been doing earlier in the season. They’d built up an enormous amount of story for this single episode and, my god, it really did work amazingly well. I don’t want to give anything away, but it was a truly satisfying episode for every Chuck fan out there.

We then head into the last six episodes of the season, the ones the writers didn’t know they were going to have to write until really late in the production. They were really good; the penultimate and final episodes of these were shocking, in fact they were just plain awesome. The two final episodes of Season 3 have not only been built an exciting groundwork for the next season, but they could possibly be the best of Chuck so far. I hope you will be watching, I certainly will.

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