Get Him To The Greek, a DVD review

In the last year Russell Brand has been propelled from a funny and slightly odd UK serial shagger to an A-list movie star with a super-famous pop star wife. How has this happened you may ask? We’re not sure and judging by Get Him To The Greek, no one has stopped the whirlwind he’s caught up in to check if he can actually act.

Get Him To The Greek is about getting Aldous Snow (Brand) to The Greek Theater, a legendary venue in LA. You may remember Aldous Snow from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where he played a Brit rocker into healthy living. Well, he’s back but this time he’s let loose on alcohol, drugs, women, London, New York and LA.

Snow was once a huge rockstar, but after the release of the album African Child, which received comments such “the worst thing to happen to Africa since the apartheid” from the NME, he’s become a has-been. His girlfriend leaves him and gets custody of their son Naples.

Meanwhile Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) is working as an office junior in a record company owned by Sergio Roma (Sean Combs, yes, P Diddy). The company is losing money in the recession and Green suggests that Aldous Snow plays at the Greek Theatre, as a ten year anniversary of his famous show there.

Sergio agrees to the idea and sends Green to London to retrieve Aldous and bring him to the show. And from there the chaos ensues.

What I forgot mention is that Hill once again plays an overweight super-fan to Brand’s sex-god. But because this is a film, he gets to hang out with his idol and ultimately become his mate. On the way they learn lessons of what true love is, what friendship means and how there is more to life than getting trashed every night.

On face value it is a nice concept. But, directed and written by Nicholas Stoler with the help of funny man of the moment Jason Segel, it screams out of all those other films written by those same guys, appealing to the same people who enjoy the same genre of rom coms for boys.

Russell Brand doesn’t so much act, as he play himself, or what we imagine him to be like in real life. Jonah Hill is, well, Jonah Hill. Having said that, despite the predictability of these two characters, there is a great chemistry between them and amongst some pretty funny facial expressions and lines; it is funny at points.

One of the biggest surprises in the film was to see an appearance by our favourite hip hop mogul, Sean Combs. Although Puffy clearly puts a lot into his role, and it’s probably fair to say that they all do, but the script struggles.

If you are looking for something in the same vein as Forgetting Sarah Marshall then you’ll find it here. Although this time round it has more cameos, from the likes of Pink, Pharell Williams and Christina Aguilera, more attempts of sadness, more slightly askew British stereotypes and a lot lot more of Russell Brand.

Get Him To The Greek rocks onto DVD and Blu-ray on 1st November with a specially extended edition that’s packed full of unbelievable extras and scenes deemed too shocking for cinema.

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