The Hangover

Not since Nic Cage drained the dregs of his hipflask in Leaving Las Vegas has so much booze been sunk in Nevada’s Sin City…

Todd Phillips last brought the laughs courtesy of middle-aged foolery in Old School but the beer bongs are ditched for some harder stuff as a bachelor posse (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis) lose their groom (Justin Bartha) and minds on the bender of all benders in Vegas. Of course, the only clues to their misadventures are the tiger, live baby, police car, missing tooth and heavyweight boxer they wake up with, so off they set on a shaky mission to retrace their footsteps.

It’s not exactly original, but then again, neither is our behaviour in the pub every Friday night, and there are plenty of laughs (mostly from Galifianakis, whose performance here will undoubtedly lift him to star status) – even for the stone cold sober.

Brain dead? Sure, but it’s perfect hangover viewing. A sequel is already in the work, so looks like nobody learns his lesson either, which you mind find yourself saying about this film second time round.

Just don’t take along your fiancĂ© if you’re heading on a stag this summer.

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