The Night The Reindeer Died hits the small screen

We’ve made it through Christmas, but it almost didn’t happen. Well, ‘almost’ in another dimension, one where Father Christsmas/Santa Claus gets captured by an evil toy company executive…

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What are we talking about? Do you remember back in early November, 2010 when we interviewed two young amateur film makers, Nick Acott and Gary Scullion, who were trying to raise money to make a small feature called The Night The Reindeer Died? Well, they raised the money in record time and made their movie.

It’s a pretty good effort for a movie made in less than six weeks. The concept is simple – the Mr Claus has been captured by a psychopathic suit from the toy industry and he’s being tortured for the location of his famous elf-run toy factory. Luckily for him, God the Father and Jesus come to the rescue and they’re tooled up with weapons. This gives the Nick and Gary the opportunity to display some first rate home made special effects and story telling skills.

Check out The Night The Reindeer Died here:

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The Night The Reindeer Died hits the small screen, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings