Pervert! DVD review

Is there a more perfect way of showing your admiration to legendary sexploitation director Russ Meyer than with a boob-filled, gory, cheap-looking love letter? I don’t think so, which is why Pervert! is so brilliant and manages to keep your mood as buoyant as the fake boobs that jostle throughout the film from start to finish.

Stop looking you pervert!

Pervert! is the film début of Jonathan Yudis that originally came out in 2005 but is being re-released on DVD on the 13th June. It tells the story of a college boy, James who returns from studying in New Orleans to his father’s farm for the summer holidays. On his return he finds his elderly father has shacked up with a young woman, Cheryl, who is played by porn star and part time politician Mary Carey.

Predictably James and Cheryl sleep together, but the plot begins to thicken when Cheryl is nowhere to be seen the next morning. It’s not helped by the fact that James’ father makes meat sculptures in his garage, one of which takes a human form and is named Ophelia. This isn’t the only Shakespeare reference in the film, weirdly there seems to be echoes of the Bard throughout, it’s particularly prominent in the father and son relationship.

James becomes suspicious of his father after Cheryl goes missing and is quickly replaced by another young woman. Things get more weird and wonderful as we learn that James was visited a witch doctor while at college who put a spell on him to give him success with women, but it appears there’s a rather nasty consequence when he does get lucky.

As it is paying homage to Meyer, you will find that not a minute goes by without some serious boob action or ironic sexual innuendo. There’s a scorned woman who comes to take revenge on James and his father and good levels of fake blood. So Yudis has clearly done his homework and pulls it off pretty well. The acting is, well, that the main actress is a porn star says it all really. Still, although she can’t deliver a line very well, she can give a perfect hand job to a corn on the cob with a smile on her face. It’s Carey and the rest of the female cast who make the film work as a light hearted romp as they run around semi-naked in the fields and just generally look like they are having a whale of a time.

This isn’t for the sensitive types out there and if you don’t like nudity, blood or sex don’t watch it. If you like those things then pop Pervert! in your player now to see, as they call it, “the most outrageous film ever made.”

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