The Five-Year Engagement – Review

The Five-Year Engagement is your standard, funny 124 minutes that entertains all the way through, without being too taxing.

Jason Segel is on his usual good form as Tom, the nice guy who just wants to marry the girl. Emily Blunt plays the girl, a high-flying career-type who wants the guy but also the job.

With a screenplay written by Segel and Nicholas Stoller, who both penned the recent Muppets film and Get Him to the Greek, of course it is going to be entertaining. It has all the elements of a standard rom-com, with the humour of the two comedy veterans shining all the way through. Some jokes catch you off-guard while others contain a large sprinkling of cheesiness. Being able to predict the humour may not most people’s idea of entertainment, however this film successfully manages to turn things around. It does so by being bang up-to-date and thoroughly relevant. There is something quite satisfying about hearing something that was in your mind already, come to fruition on-screen.

As you may expect, there are many emotional moments. What is more unexpected is the degree to which your heart-strings get tugged. While this is not the deepest film in the world, nor will it really affect your perceptions or make you think too hard, it does feature some very tender moments. Some of these will make you sit wide-eyed in your cinema seat – in the hope that a pesky tear will not roll down your cheek and give you away.

Violet’s sister is played by Alison Brie, best known for her role in the TV series’ Community and Mad Men. Being an American actress, her English accent in this film is hilariously questionable, however her character brings with it a great element of comedy and helps to flesh the story out.

Tom’s best friend and work colleague is played by Chris Pratt, who is a regular on TV series Parks and Recreation and also appeared in Moneyball. His humour goes very well with Segel’s and together the duo are the source of much entertainment. Pratt’s speech at their engagement party is particularly memorable, where he sings about all of Tom’s past conquests.

The film, which begins with the engagement of Tom and Violet, charts their attempts at getting married and the multiple ways their plans are foiled. Are they strong enough to make it through? Will they finally make it down the long aisle? Will Chris Pratt be cast in the same role that he plays in Parks and Recreation? The answer to the latter question is “yes” and as for the two former, you’ll have to watch it to find out. At the end of the day, it is an easy film to watch; The Five-Year Engagement is ideal as a chick-flick with plenty of popcorn, chocolate and laugh-out-loud moments. It is out in cinemas now.

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