It was definitely a first to be moved to tears and then to hoots of laughter all within the first five minutes of a film. A sure-fire sign that the latest in animation from Pixar is a cinematic treat for viewers both big and small.

‘Up’ tells the story of a boy’s journey through life to old age, illustrating the ups and downs, the joys, sorrows, triumphs, and regrets that he experiences through friendship, romance and marriage. And all in 89 minutes, which is no mean feat.

His adventure teaches him some of life’s most important lessons in a meandering heart-warming treat of a tale. If this is sounding a bit too saccharine for you, or indeed a bit too heavy for your little one, it’s not – and that’s where the film excels.

While kids will be captivated by the visually glorious spectacle, colourful characters and simple plot, adult heart-strings will be tugged by the captivating, action-packed drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

As a bonus, the depth to the story wasn’t entirely lost on a young audience either, as my seven-year-old companion remarked at the end: ‘It doesn’t matter about things and stuff, as long as you have people you love, you are very lucky’. Aaaaaah, a ticket worth every penny.

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