Grimm – Series 3

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any Grimm-er, they just did. Be prepared to see monsters and ghouls like you’ve never seen them before in the third series of the gripping American supernatural drama, Grimm.


David Giuntoli is the moody Nick Burkhardt

Nick Burkhart (David Giuntoli) isn’t your ordinary policeman. By day he solves crimes with police partner Hank (like an ordinary policeman, come to think of it), but by night he is a Grimm, and swaps his police badge for monster-killing weapons that look something like harpoons.

After two series where Nick tried to keep his life as a Grimm secret from everyone, the cat finally escaped from the bag. Now all the main characters know about Nick’s undercover Grimm life, each episode can bring all the characters together, which works really well. When there’s a mysterious murder, the whole gang attempt to help and solve the crime. It’s sort of an adult version of Scooby Doo’s Mystery Inc squad. But Nick’s not the only Grimm in town, as we discover in this series, and they come in a very unlikely forms.

It’s safe to say series three is certainly the most gripping by far. The writers of Grimm come up with ever more creatively callous ways for the monsters (called Wesen) to kill their victims. How about a Wesen which poisons you until your intestines burst, or a gremlin which sucks blood through your bellybutton as you sleep? Yes, it’s disgusting. But a lot of fun. Plus, with such impressive graphic effects to bring these creatures to life, it’s hard not to get a shiver down your spine at the sight of them.

Season three ends on the mother of all cliff-hangers, keeping anticipation for season four at a fever pitch. This thrilling supernatural drama just keeps getting better and better.

Grimm – Season 3 is out on Blu Ray and DVD on October 20.

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