Grimm Series 2

From a giant fly that craves human eyes, to an army of haggard-faced zombies, the disturbing creatures in Grimm have never been more grotesque. The second series of the American supernatural drama combines a thrilling and intriguing plot with compelling characters and gruesome graphic effects which makes you squirm. It’s safe to say, Grimm is not for the faint hearted.

Getting Grimm on y'all

Anyone who watched the first series of Grimm will have been hugely anticipating the arrival of the second to see Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) do what he does best: defy death, fight a monster, solve a police case and save the day. In the first series Nick was thrown into a strange world where he learnt he was a descendant of the Grimm family and it was his responsibility to protect mankind from evil monsters known as Wesen. Nick’s aunt, who mysteriously dies in the first episode, leaves him a caravan full of ancient family heirlooms. These included a tattered old book his ancestors had used to document the dangerous and terrifying Wesen they had the misfortune of meeting. In series two, Nick learns more about the responsibilities of being a Grimm and is forced to make sacrifices to keep it a secret.

Nick has to balance the modern world with being an undercover superhero. By day he is a policeman with a gun in his pocket, fighting crime, and at night he’s a Grimm with a harpoon and a potion in his pocket. In the first series he miraculously managed to keep his long-term girlfriend Juliette and police partner Hank, blissfully unaware of his secret second life as a Grimm. Now they are finally cottoning-on to something and it’s a relief that Hank understands and is part of Nick’s secret life as a Grimm. Although he probably wishes he isn’t at times, especially when he’s face-to-face with the giant fly who lays maggots in your eyes, the poisonous trickster puffer fish man and even the devil himself. That’s friendship for you.

The Wesen in series two are darker and more disturbing than those in series one. We saw witches and wolves in the first series – less daunting creatures, we’re already familiar with – but series two is full of much more frightening and ferocious monsters. They are also brought to life by stunning graphic effects. We see normal looking people morph into disgusting monsters, and combined with a tense soundtrack, it’s hard not to get spooked.

If you are looking for a drama with a thrilling plot intertwined with mystery and suspense, plus you don’t mind getting a little bit spooked, then Grimm ticks all the boxes.

Grimm – Series Two is released on Blu-Ray and DVD October 21st.

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