Paul – DVD Review

Here at TFR, we love us some Paul. It’s a funny film with a great cast that really captures the essence of the sci-fi fan and the would-be geek novelist. So how does the DVD complete the experience?

Rather nicely, to put it frankly – this is a DVD worthy of the Nick/Frost super-team, as the film comes either as a nicely-packaged DVD, or a Blu-Ray/DVD/digital combo, very convenient for those who don’t mind forking out an extra fiver for all three formats and legal ownership of all three (good for you).

The film itself is great, and I had the pleasure of sitting down to review it back in Februrary. A somewhat odd Valentine’s Day release, it tells the tale of Graeme and Clive, two British geeks on a cross-USA road trip shortly after a visit to the legendary San Diego Comic Con. On the way, they run into Paul, an alien on the run from the government.

You’d think two sci-fi geeks would be ecstatic, but one of them is neutral and the other’s clearly scared out of his wits. Pegg and Frost’s humour never fails to shine through, and despite the setting, you can tell this is a British comedy from the offset.

The special features are well worth watching. One feature zeroes in on the evolution of Paul, a making-of that’s required viewing for anyone who’s interested in how Pegg and Frost bring their work to the screen, especially as this the first film they’ve made together minus regular director, Edgar Wright.

There is also a blooper reel, and this is always a feature I love when it’s done right. Of course it is, with Paul, of course it is. Pegg and Frost are seriously funny people, even out of character, and it’s great to watch them lose it over the odd line, along with the rest of the cast.

The commentary is worth listening to, as well, as you’ll find that they put a lot of effort into explaining certain scenes, and are genial and humorous while being extremely informative. It’s also inclusive of one Greg Mottola, Paul‘s director and clearly a very talented fellow.

There are a few other features, like “Who is Adam Shadowchild?” – a short feature on the fictional sci-fi author Graeme and Clive are obsessed with, and it rounds off a nice selection of extras when, really, the film itself would’ve been enough. It’s great to hear commentary tracks from people as in-the-know as Pegg and Frost, rather than people simply sat in a room after starring in the film. Definitely worth a purchase whether you’ve seen it or not.

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