The Town DVD w/special features

When we saw The Town back in September last year we were blown away by how Ben Affleck managed to turn a classic heist story into an edge-of-your-seat, highly original drama. Now as the DVD is released, we get a chance to a watch the film again and take a look at its special features.

Set in Charlestown, Massachusetts, the robbery capital of American, The Town tells the story of four lifelong friends, who rob banks for a living. During one such bank robbery, they take the bank manager hostage. Unfortunately after releasing her, they realise she only lives a few blocks away. One of the robbers, Doug (Affleck), takes on the job of finding out if she is likely to go to the police. During this process he falls in love with her, which causes unimaginable complications.

The cast of The Town is top class, and Affleck more than proves himself as a director who completely understands what he is working with, in this case is Boston. This leads us onto the first of the special features which gives insights into some of the things that helps make The Town the realistic, gritty film that it is.

Called Ben’s Boston, the feature takes a look at the real people of Boston, the ones who inspired the story. Before filming began, Affleck spoke to a lot of the locals, especially those who have been involved in criminal activities there in the past. Interestingly Affleck cast a number of the locals in the film, which is why it seems so realistic. It’s a great chance to get a feel for how Affleck works as a director.

The second special feature on the DVD is Ben Affleck: Director and Actor, a more in-depth look at how he juggled the two roles. A number of the cast members speak about Affleck’s working technique and their experiences on set. We also get a peek at some behind-the-scenes footage of Affleck switching between his two roles.

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The Town is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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