Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I – Review

For all you Twihards out there, prepare the end of the dream. Because the Twilight series has such a dedicated following, we thought we’d get four people to give their opinions about Twilight 4, part 1.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I, manages to split itself into two contrasting genres, starting off with romance, before switching to a mild horror. The first half features Bella and Edward’s wedding, so for a girl, this is wonderful to watch, however, the tone quickly changes.

Against the odds Bella becomes pregnant, but her vampire child craves human blood in order to survive. This leaves Bella only one option – she sucks up the thick red gloop through a straw, as if it were strawberry milkshake. You know it is probably milkshake, but it doesn’t make it any less grotesque to watch.

If that’s too much to handle, then the tense and very gruesomely edited birth scene will put you off having children for a long time. All you hear is screaming and moist squelches, and all you see is blood, sweat and tears.

If you ever wondered what the medical complications were of having a half-human, half-vampire baby, this film will give you a very graphic idea. It is certainly not something you would enjoy watching more than once, unless you’re a vampire of course. Yum.

~ Cara Le Piet

It’s almost nice to see that the latest instalment in the Twilight series gives Bella more than a few reasons to be just as miserable as Kristen Stewart has always insisted on making her appear.

Breaking Dawn Part I plunges Twilight‘s atypical characters into a strangely conventional wedding, complete with family politics, wedding cake, and the world’s longest altar-kiss. After the celebrations, the (barely) happy couple head off on their honeymoon, and after a brief unexplained detour via Rio, Bella’s uncharacteristic girlishness continues with some leg-shaving and lingerie dilemmas – much as if she hadn’t married a vampire at all, really.

Of course, this ridiculous romance couldn’t go on for much longer – not without Katherine Heigl making an appearance anyway. Things take a dramatic turn for the worst (and thus get much more interesting) when Bella discover’s she’s pregnant, despite the pair of them whining that they “didn’t know it was possible!” like a couple of naive teenagers.

When Stewart genuinely appears to be on death’s doorstep, the film transforms itself into credible example of the body horror genre. Both Edward (Pattinson) and Jacob (Lautner), on the other hand, remain annoyingly handsome and continue to fuss over Bella, as per the rest of the Saga – leaving rather a lot to be answered in the final film.

~ El Harris

For many Twilight fans, it seems feasible to say that Breaking Dawn was the point at which the series got “real”. Virginity, pregnancy, teenage independence and the consequences of said independence (if you can call Edward a teenager) – these mature themes are definitely out in force, and it works from start to finish.

For once, nothing feels melodramatic or slightly ridiculous, as has always been the way of the Twilight films when compared to their more competent literary sources. The CGI-assisted starvation of lead Kristen Stewart is a haunting image that sticks with you throughout, as a vampire-human child in her womb threatens to destroy her from the inside, either by broken bones or starvation.

Her struggle to keep the child can be read as either her devotion to family, to caring for those who are different, or as a pro-life theme. Either way, it’s a source of humanity, which comes as a breath of fresh air in a saga about vampires and werewolves.

The rest of the cast reprise their usual roles and are, as always, flawless. I can’t fault them, for the same reasons I can’t fault the actor choices in Harry Potter – they feel correct, when in place and in character. Bella (Stewart), Edward (Pattinson) and Lautner (Jacob) maintain their high-drama chemistry, and even the most cynical might find this installment a little more attention-grabbing and worthy of its creepy reputation than the more childish Bella-view interpretations of the Twilight world prior to this one. A solid recommendation from me.

~ Chris Tosan

The main event members of ‘Team Jacob’ will be waiting for with 4:1 is for the tall, dark werewolf to rip his shirt off. Thankfully, fans only have to wait a few seconds before the first trademark ‘I must get my shirt off quickly otherwise Bella will die’ scene. After this, the wedding is gorgeous, before things turn darker with the fallout from vampire-human sex.

If the film is taken in the context of the rest of The Twilight Saga, then it is very entertaining. Gory birth scenes and blood-slurping aside, a lot happens that fans will have been waiting for. Bella and Edward’s wedding is delicate and beautiful, and their honeymoon is shrouded in a veil of perfection. That is until they realise that they have most likely made a demon baby.

A big change from the previous Twilight films is some well-placed humour. Their wedding night sees Edward break the bed, and later when Bella complains she is cold, Jacob exclaims “I’m on it’. It is refreshing to have some mood lightening moments, because you may want to watch the last part of the film from behind a pillow.
~ Mia La Rosa

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