Star Trek

Possibly inspired by the successful reboot of the James Bond franchise, J.J. Abrams was tasked with making Star Trek cool again. It was never going to be an easy mission, but if the guy behind Lost can’t make extra-terrestrials seem plausible, there’s not that many who can…
Since the film acts as a prequel, one of Abrams’ first challenges was recruiting a new crew of actors to play characters who are now instantly recognisable. It’s therefore goodbye to oldie William Shatner and hello to relative newcomer Chris Pine, who might make the same impact on the film’s female audience that Daniel Craig did in Bond. Meanwhile, the part of half-human, half-Vulcan, bowl-haired Mr Spock has gone to Zachary Quinto – a guy who’s previously demonstrated his alien powers in TV series Heroes.

Much of the action takes place aboard the ominous interstellar cruiser, where the future captain of the starship Enterprise is still a young cadet. He’s not the only thing fresh and new though… Gone are the boxy stun guns and spray-painted toys. The $150 million budget has instead bought sleeker weaponry and costumes, not to mention the effects, which make the old ‘beam me up’ sequences seem like the work of kindergarten.

After a succession of disappointing TV spin-offs and features, this reboot might not only make fans proud to call themselves ‘Trekkies’ once more, but also bring a whole new audience.

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