Next teaser trailer for The Social Network now online

If you've been waiting for a more visual idea of The Social Network, this isn't the live-action you're after, but it comes a very tense second. [caption id="attachment_1527" align="alignleft" width="360" caption="Young actor Jesse Eisenberg (left) has been cast to play Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (right)...

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Trailer for new Johnny Depp animation appears online

If you think the idea of a chameleon played by Johnny Depp having an identity crisis is funny, then you're likely to be very excited by the trailer for Rango. Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski are long time collaborators on a film franchise that continues to draw audiences around the world. You may have heard of...

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The tale of Shrek finally ends

Are the makers of the Shrek a little shy about possibly stretching their idea a little too far with a fourth instalment in the series? [caption id="attachment_1415" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Shrek and 'the tiddly mischief-maker' Rumpelstiltskin"][/caption] A fourth movie rarely lives up...

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New Exclusive Trailer: Public Enemies

In the action-thriller Public Enemies, acclaimed filmmaker Michael Mann directs Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and Academy Award® winner Marion Cotillard in the story of legendary Depression-era outlaw John Dillinger (Depp)-the charismatic bank robber whose lightning raids made him the number one target of J. Edgar...

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