New Rango trailer hits the web

Johnny Depp plays a chameleon in the animal version of a Wild West town. He’s also wearing a Hawaiian shirt. A chameleon. A CGI one. Are you booking your tickets yet?

When TFR saw the first trailer many moons ago, the excitement in the office was palpable. How many times are you going to get the opportunity to see oddball animation like this? Toy Story was ground breaking, and Shrek (before the endless sequels) was flawless in its execution, but bar Tim Burton’s 9, no one’s really taken animation in a black comedy direction.

If we had to describe this film, we’d use the phrase “Depp: Wild West Chameleon”. Personally, the idea sells itself, and the latest trailer is very amusing too. So without further ado, I give you Depp’s latest odd character: Rango.

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