Street Dance 3D gets everyone dancing!

I am not one for dance movies, and after having reserves about going to see the film, upon leaving after watching it I found myself trying unsuccessfully to break-dance my way out of the cinema.

Diversity in the film

The film follows a Street dance crew, who upon being deserted by their leader must try to stay together and make a new routine to enter into the UK street dancing championships. Carly (Nichola Burley) a sweet northern girl working at a sandwich cafe takes over the role of leader, but struggles finding sponsorship and a studio for the crew to practise. Her luck is in when she delivers a lunch order to Helena (Charlotte Rampling), headmistress at the very posh London School of Dance. Impressed by Carly’s confidence, and by an impromptu performance at a shopping centre she agrees to let Carly’s crew use her studio, on the condition that some of her ballet students join them. After the many disagreements and walk outs the new crew finally get together to create a ballet inspired break dancing routine.

The highlight of the film was obviously the dancing with a brilliant performance from last year’s Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity. Runners up Flawless were the main antagonist for our break dancers and George Sampson had a main role throughout the film. I found myself many times wondering ‘is that move physically possible?’ The moves are slick, smooth and stylish. With music from the latest names that British hip hop has to offer. 3D is well used in this film making the dance moves even more eye popping. A fun film great for the family or for those caught up in the break dancing frenzy.

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Street Dance 3D gets everyone dancing!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings