The Ultimate Pirate Crew

When I say that these particular pot-bellied men can normally be found drinking rum and singing loudly out of tune, I’m not talking about embarrassing dads on a night out. I’m talking about the men of the high seas – Pirates.

But of course, any pirate knows that you can’t be taken seriously if you haven’t won the prestigious Pirate of the Year award. This is exactly why the The Pirate Captain from the upcoming 3D stop-motion picture,  Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists, is on a quest to steal Queen Victoria’s gold.

Featuring Hugh Grant as the voice of The Pirate Captain, this family fun film sees a misfit crew – which includes a monkey, a dodo and a fish in a pirate hat – sail to England in order to execute the greatest pirate robbery of all time. This of course gives The Pirate Captain a great chance of winning the golden skull trophy. Things can only end brilliantly…

With the release of Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists next week, we have brought together some of the greatest fictional pirates of all time to create the ultimate pirate crew.

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